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Press Release: Collaboration with the University of Tokyo

Since 2006, the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Tokyo and the Institut Pasteur have had an academic exchange agreement in the field of global health (an area of academia, research, and practice that focuses on improving the health of all people worldwide and achieving health equity). Today, we are excited to announce our new partnership in the establishment of the Institut Pasteur du Japon (IPJ), which the Institut Pasteur will establish in Japan.

Details will be determined through further discussions, but we are considering establishing a research center under the IPJ to conduct international joint research and training for graduate students in the field of planetary health (a broad field of life science that includes not only the health of humans but also the health of the global environment). We hope that the center will generate new innovations in this field and function as a place where academia and industry can collaborate.

“We are pleased to begin a new collaboration with the Pasteur Institute. The field of planetary health is of great importance in the future society and is of great interest to people. I look forward to the development of new forms of international joint research, including collaboration with industries.”
President FUJII Teruo, the University of Tokyo