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Collab between Institut Pasteur and The University of Tokyo

East Japan Railway Company (referred to as “JR East”) and the University of Tokyo have entered into a 100-year collaborative agreement aimed at realizing a rich and sustainable life 100 years into the future. To create “Planetary Health,” they have launched a collaborative project called the Planetary Health Design Laboratory (PHD Lab.). This initiative will utilize the infrastructure of the JR East Group, including stations and railways, as an experimental platform to demonstrate and apply the diverse and cutting-edge knowledge of the University of Tokyo in the creation of future lifestyles.

Additionally, as a base for the PHD Lab., the “University of Tokyo GATEWAY Campus,” the first campus in Japan with a focus on Planetary Health, will open in TAKANAWA GATEWAY CITY in late 2024. This campus will use the city as an experimental field to address global-scale social challenges that attract participants from around the world.

Institut Pasteur (Paris) signed a letter of intent with the University of Tokyo on October 3, 2023, to establish the Planetary Health Innovation Center (PHIC), one of the components of the future Institut Pasteur du Japon, which will serve as a venue for collaboration between the two institutions. They are considering using TAKANAWA GATEWAY CITY as a site to collaborate. 

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