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English Immersion Club Session 1 (9/25/23)

On September 25th, 2023, FPJ held its first English study session with students from Tottori University! The purpose of the presentation was for students to improve their English skills while also getting support and advice from internationally renowned researchers.  

For this first session, a research paper on rabies vaccination was discussed among the students and researchers. In the presentation, a student from Tottori delved into the impact of different inoculation routes on the immune response to inactivated rabies vaccines in mice. The research suggested that needle-free ID inoculation could be a promising strategy for enhancing both the safety and efficacy of rabies vaccination and the participants discussed the findings.

News regarding future sessions will be posted on the FPJ website. We warmly invite students from across Japan to join our sessions and practice discussing scientific research in English! 

The full research paper that was discussed is linked below: