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English Immersion Club Session 2 (10/23/23)

On October 23rd, 2023, FPJ’s English Immersion Club held its second study session with Tottori University students. In this particular session, participants delved into a research paper on the measles virus and its global implications. The paper highlighted critical factors for the worldwide elimination of measles, encompassing vaccine efficacy, contagiosity, vaccine hesitancy, and the necessity for vigilant epidemiological surveillance. 

As we move forward, FPJ aims to continue offering opportunities for students from around the world to enhance their English and critical thinking skills. By analyzing and discussing scientific research papers, participants not only sharpen their English proficiency but also deepen their understanding of critical global health issues. 

News and updates regarding upcoming sessions will be posted on the FPJ website!

The full research paper that was discussed is linked below: